J Data Analytics And Consulting

Data Analysis,
Machine Learning and Development of Diagnostics

In affiliation with

Jacobsson Analytics & Consulting AB
AP Hagman Consulting AB
K. Magnus Åberg, Assoc. Prof. Stockholm University

Statistical Analysis Data Analytics and Machine Learning

→ Stability study data
e.g. according to ICH Q1

→ Assay development and validation
e.g. according to (ICH Q2)

→ Diagnostic tools and evaluation
e.g. based on Biomarkers

→ Study design
e.g. experimental design

→ Classification and regression
e.g. Logistic regression, Boosting/Ensembles and Deep Learning

→ Clustering
e.g. t-SNE, K-means, Principal Component Analysis

→ Time series analysis
e.g. ARIMA, Prophet, Neural Networks (RNN, LSTM)

Development of Diagnostics

 Development of Diagnostics
    e.g. Protein Biomarkers and  Metabolomics